Sanitary pyjamas with zip

Luropas has developed a new line of sanitary pyjamas with zip fastener to meet the patient’s need and to offer a valid support to the patient’s family and sanitary staff. They have been specially studied for elderly people, disabled people, long-term patients, people who suffer from senile dementia (Alzheimer, arteriosclerosis) or mental diseases. Rekordsan sanitary pyjamas, in cotton, suitable for all seasons, for man and woman, are available in the following models:

"Classic", with zip on the back easy to wear, it prevents the patient to take away or tear the pyjamas or the incontinence pad.

"Ideal", besides the back zip fastener, it has a further zip from ankle to ankle that allows the complete opening of the crutch, for the change of the incontinence pad without undressing the pyjamas.