Lumbosacral orthopedic corsets

Orthopedic corsets are very important in the prevention and care of some spinal column pathologies, with particular reference to the lumbosacral area mainly stressed by external strains following physical and lifting activities.

The development of the elastic fabrics manufacture allows the production of supporting orthopedic corsets with superior characteristics in terms of lightness and durability.

Thanks to the regular and supervised use of the orthopedic corset, the rachis motility can be reduced and a better balance of the vertebral weight can be obtained, with positive effects on the posture.

The use of the orthopedic corsets is recommended to people suffering from low back pain, sciatica, discopathy, or generic backache and to people who subject their rachis to frequent efforts.

All the lumbosacral corsets showen in these pages are recommended for work, sport and to avoid labour accidents, for the care of the worker’s health.

The recent evolution of the lumbosacral corsets demand is mainly focused to the treatment of specific spine diseases such as disorders, congenital factors, advanced age, trauma and post-operation courses and to satisfy the demand of people who work and practice sport, well-aware to submit their spine to repeated stress and who intend to avoid the onset of spine diseases by using lumbosacral corsets with preventive purposes, paying attention to the importance of health and prevention.