Man and unisex knee-high

Even if the venous insufficiency is mainly spread among the women, more and more men today are complaining this disease.

Therefore, to meet the men requests, Scudotex created a complete range of elegant man knee-highs, in order to satisfy the preventive and curative needs together with the fashion ones.

Scudotex graduated medium compression knee-highs, with reinforced heel and soft-edged elastic, assure a balanced massaging and toning-up action on the legs, improving the blood circulation.

Preventive and relaxing, they are recommended when the first cases of tiredness, swollenness and tingling sensation of the legs occur, for example after standing for a long time, during the working day or for long travel, when the lower limbs are forced in very small spaces.

Available models:

• silver sky cotton man (mm Hg 18-21)

• gran riposo cotton man (mm Hg 18-21)

• gran riposo classic man (mm Hg 18-21)

• gran viaggio unisex (mm Hg 14-17)